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Proven HR experts

Free up your time to concentrate on other parts of your business. Our dedicated HR experts are fully skilled across all aspects of human resource management to provide you with leading support and advice. This will empower you to hand over important HR projects and responsibilities to someone who can complete the work to the very highest level.

Every member of our team has extensive qualifications and experience in HR. Your senior consultant will bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and be up to date with recent legislative updates and technical expertise. This means that you will benefit from the equivalent of a full-service corporate HR department – without the overheads or the commitment.

Personalised HR solutions

Your business is unique. For this reason, we take a highly personalised approach to the way we work with you. We’re here to listen and to understand your priorities, your business culture and your goals for the future. We won’t offer you a generic, templated approach to HR. Our solutions are bespoke and customised to fit the needs of your business.

Your consultant will look at all the factors and determine the best way forward for your business. Our individualised, holistic approach will give you the peace of mind that your HR functions are in the best hands.

HR Consulting
HR Support

In-house or remote support

We work in ways that work for you. Whether you need occasional advice over the phone, projects completed remotely, or a physical presence in your workplace – we can make it happen. Our flexibility means that you can have the solution that suits your HR needs right now, and that can grow and change with you into the future.

In most cases, the dedicated HR consultant you begin to work with, will be the person you work with ongoing. This means that an important level of continuity and trust can develop which will optimise the outcomes of your HR functions and projects. Your consultant is also able to reach into a talented pool of other experts for specialist support as required.

This level of flexibility gives you all the benefits of a highly experienced and effective HR professional, without the overhead costs and commitments of hiring a full-time employee.

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HR Management

The human factor

There’s no way around it; HR can be a difficult and emotionally fraught job at times. The relationship between an employer and an employee is like all relationships. It can be harmonious and mutually beneficial, or it can be prone to conflict and dissatisfaction. Difficult relationships are especially complicated when there has been a long history between the employer and employee, or if the business is small and each member is considered “part of the family”.

Tackling issues like absenteeism, performance problems, claims of bullying and harassment and other negative behaviours can be very difficult. This is when an external person with the right skills and objective distance can be invaluable in helping find the best way forward.  HR On call can help you manage your team based on your cultural values and ensure that your culture is maintained and aligned to people management decisions.

Compliance – we’ve got you covered

HR is complicated and sometimes tricky. Various legislation, awards and other compliance issues create an intricate web of obligations and demands on employers. Keeping on top of it all can keep you very busy– or keep you up at night worrying about it.

A dedicated HR expert can assess your current alignment with workplace obligations and help you ensure that you mitigate any risks. We can also support your existing HR team or take over that function in your business to make sure your organisation is protected going forward.

HR Compliance
HR Services

Value and flexibility

HR on Call has been a leading provider of outsourced HR excellence for over 17 years. Our approach works because we consistently deliver the value and flexibility our clients need. From small businesses looking for their first HR specialist to large corporate teams needing support during busy periods – we’re here for you.

We provide the same level of service as in-house HR, often with more collective experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time internal resource. Whether you choose to work with us on a regular consulting basis, or on a one-off project, this value will make all the difference to your business.

Focus on what you do best

Chances are, you don’t want to be spending your days deep in HR administration or management tasks. Managing people can be complex and time-consuming. We can help you focus on all the things you’d rather be doing in your business. Our HR consultants are ready to help you take control of your people management processes so that you can work in more productive and strategic ways.

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